MURO PUNT S.L is a company with extensive experience in the knitting sector since 1967, dedicates to the manufacture of knitwear in piece with circular machines. Our extensive kind  of machines allow us to manufacture a wide range of articles, from fabrics for manufacture of underwear, fabrics for the manufacture of protectors(for sofas and mattresses), fabrics for the manufacture of mattresses and pillows, for the manufacture of footwear, automotive etc.

Our company is located in a very well connected point between the cities of Valencia and Alicante, and in an area where the textil sector is very present, living very close to suppliers, companies of dyes ang finishes and auxiliary companies.

Our company has a human capital with a great experience, as well as a special sensitivity for the innovation in technology and the environment.



Muro Punt s.l has became a service company, individually adapting to needs of each of its customers and offering them all the gaines experience and means to be able to manufacture a competitive and innovative product.

Our way of working goes from the sale of fabric in meters, sale of fabric to kilos, weaving to third parties(where the customer is who contributes with the spinning).

In any of these forms of work, MURO PUNT S.L contributes all its knowledge in the search of spinning, development of sales, etc.

We have a wide and modern range of machinery, all circular knitting machines, both electronic and mechanical, and with a variety that allows us to manufacture fabrics with widths of up to 280cm in open fabric, and tubular from 35cm to 150cm with weights from 50g/m2 to 600g/m2.



Camino Senabre S/N.

Muro de Alcoy


Telefono: +34 965 531 130